Tue 10 10 2023

Exclusive release on Beatport! PHANTOM – LINUS BEATSKiP (October 18)

We are almost there! The exclusive BEATPORT release PHANTOM will drop on October 18, pre order now.


Said about the release

“A dark and mysterious figure emerges from the shadows – it’s LINUS BEATSKiP! After a long hiatus, the ever-innovative producer returns with an upcoming release on BEATPORT that you won’t want to miss. The enigmatic producer brings us PHANTOM: a thrilling techno track that’s sure to make waves in the underground music scene.

LINUS BEATSKiP is no stranger to success – his knack for pushing boundaries and his genre-defying approach to music have earned him legions of loyal fans.

Fans of LINUS BEATSKiP have been eagerly waiting for this release since it was first teased months ago; now, the day is finally here. PHANTOM is set to be released exclusively on BEATPORT October 18. Pre-order now to guarantee that you get your hands on this highly anticipated track.

So what can you expect from PHANTOM? If you’re a fan of LINUS BEATSKiP’s signature dark and experimental sound, you won’t be disappointed. The track blends elements of techno, industrial, and electro, creating an eerie and powerful atmosphere. Driven by a fierce beat that won’t let up, PHANTOM is sure to keep heads nodding and feet dancing.

Buckle up and prepare for something special – PHANTOM is coming and it promises to be an unforgettable ride. LINUS BEATSKiP has been honing his craft for years, and now he’s finally ready to share his latest work with the world. Make sure you pre-order this release now to experience PHANTOM in all its glory.”

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