Sat 13 08 2022

We Rave You – Electronic Dance Magazine feels it! “LINUS BEATSKiP unveils dark techno production Existence and remixes …”

Powerful article from We Rave You about the releases Existence and Existence Remixes (Breathe You In and Inner voices). 

“Representing the darker side of techno, LINUS BEATSKiP has just unveiled his latest single ‘Existence,’ which is also accompanied by two remixes. Implementing his distinct sound to the utmost of perfection, listeners will most definitely be feeling some type of way.

Looking to leave his own mark within the electronic dance industry, LINUS BEATSKiP has just unveiled the darkest of techno sound(s), in the form of ‘Existence.’ Implementing his distinct style of play to the utmost of perfection, the Swedish DJ/producer also accompanies his single with two remixes, entitled ‘Existence – Breathe You In Remix,’ and ‘Existence – Inner Voices Remix.’ Having mastered his craft over the years, it comes to no surprise that versatility is a key aspect that represents this artist to watch, as his ability of combining various genres, most definitely helps him stand out from all the rest.

Returning to the production of his own music back …”

By Ouranios Savva for We Rave You 

Read the full article from We Rave You here.

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